Using mobile technology to bridge the gap between beauty enthusiasts and skincare products curated from Asia.



Timeline: 10 weeks

Role: Product Designer

Purpose: The purpose is to bridge the gap in the global skincare industry between Canadians and skincare technologies from Asia and make Asia-based skincare more accessible to the Canadian market. There is a lack of e-commerce platforms that make the shopping experience inviting for an English speaker in Canada. 

Short on time? Here is a 3 minute overview.

How might we make it easier for Canadians interested in self-care to discover products from Asia in order to make informed purchase decisions?


Project Goals

Create a positive user experience for English-speaking Canadians to access a wide range of skincare products from Asia.

Take out the frustration and confusion of discovering new products.

Understand what is important to consumers to fill a gap in the beauty space so beauty enthusiasts can make more informed purchase decisions. 

Key Objectives


How many new users can we convert to being regular customers?


How much sales will there be? Is this going to be a profitable venture?


Happy customers are returning customers. Are customers happy with ever aspect of their experience?


  • build a mobile app on iOS
  • competing with in-store experience 
  • no live product
  • profitability margin

Insights & Iterations

Doing initial user research allowed me to prioritize what features and what about the shopping experience resonated with consumers. After building out the wireframes, I conducted usability tests for 2 rounds with 5 people each round to gain insight on what's working well and what needed adjusting and here are the insights I gathered. 

Insight #1

Users had difficulty adding quantities of the product. 


Added a plus and minus button in the checkout quantity so it's easier to adjust.


Insight #2

Users weren't sure what screen they landed on so in addition to the navigation bar, I added a title to the card.


Labeling added for the title of the card so user is not confused where they are in the app. 


Insight #3

Users are used to being able to search things within an app so I had this added to the home screen so user has multiple ways of accessing the information and products they are looking for. 


Search option is added to the home screen close to the top. 



The final app was a culmination of defining the user flow, structuring the wireframes, and injecting colour based on the overall design system. I also created a marketing page to increase the number of app downloads by sprinkling CTA's through out the scroll and highlighting the features, benefits, and reviews. 

Try out the prototype

Mobile Screens


Marketing Site


Web App



| 01

Test test test. Constantly test to ensure the flow and features make sense and eases cognitive load on user. 

| 02

There is always something new to learn so be open to changes, feedback and different ways of executing.

| 03

Next step is to take the UX foundations to consult with PM's and dev teams for constraints and priorities of what to focus on. 

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